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4kw Chapter 14

This chapter is about Now.

The post is just some raw notes and thoughts from my reading of Four Thousand Weeks.



It's not really four thousand weeks. It's just now. That's what we get. Four thousand weeks of Now.

Bobin: "life only ever gives a series of wonderfully insoluble problems."

Hollis: does this choice diminish or enlarge me?

There is no point in waiting for someone else to validate your life. No one else will. No one else can. Only you can do it. Even then, security will not be a solved problem.

Piver: "how would you enjoy spending your time?" I don't always/often know. Worth trying to find out, I think. Don't avoid the question.

Confirmed: everyone is winging it.

What if I didn't expect to see the fruits of my labors? What labors would I choose then? What leisures?

Jung: do the next most necessary thing.

AA: Do the next right thing. For navigating crises.

Me: finish the current thing. Or abandon it. Focus on one thing.

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