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Deep and Deeper Time

There has been a surprising confluence of deep-ish time ideas swirling around my own personal bubble/echo chamber thing. Let me list them.

  1. The future: Population peaking this century? Just how do they know that? I'm not saying this opinion article is right or wrong. Just genuinely asking, how? Trending birth rates by country.
  2. The past: Remnants of the Santa Clara indigenous managed ecosystem. This was an in-person thing. We touched on how the native people had managed the landscape, perhaps for 100s or 1000s of years. I don't know. The Spanish described it as like an English garden, with carefully separated trees and grassland across the whole valley floor. The mind boggles.
  3. The future? This comment about agriculture and alternatives forms of that. As well as the books about permaculture. Our agriculture practices may last 100s of years, or they may not. Probably not.
  4. The past and the future: The recently announced discovery of evidence of 500ky old wooden structure, and the follow up discussion about other ancient or future detectability. Reading the comments is worth it. Crikey, five hundred thousand years ago.

Hopefully this is enough for me to recapture the feeling later, when I write more about it.

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