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First notes from 300 Arguments

Part 1 of my notes from this interesting little book. The book is not organized into chapters, so my notes won't have any natural break points.


I was unaware of my assumption that we would always have more time. It's so easy to slip into that assumption. Inspired by page [4].

Notice. Practice noticing who you truly are and be that person. [5]

At some level our instantaneous language skills are always inadequate to what we feel. [8]

What might be the consequence of this? This = having a worst regret mean you believe there was an origin, a decision you made, that lead to all your undeserved misfortune (folly). This ?= trying to write perfectly (don't do that!). Hold that question while writing stories. [12]

Other people, stupid ones, may decide what's best for you about your grief. Your friends will give you options. [14]

This "fragment" claim, I don't necessarily agree. The claim being that a fragment was once whole and now isn't. Fragments can be unfinished too. [27]

When learning about each other, how much of that is automatic vs what we think is intentional? [29]

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