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4kw Afterward and Appendix

These parts are a condensed and reapproached take on the whole thing.

The post is just some raw notes and thoughts from my reading of Four Thousand Weeks.

Afterward Notes

You can't change everything. But you can change some things. Don't discount that.

Hope is not a plan, nor is it an action. Don't hope. Plan and do. Think, plan, do/act.

The apocalypse is here.

Stop hoping. Start living. Stop caring. Start doing.

Appendix Notes

Fixed volume productivity. Be real about it.

Open to do list: a brain dump for all tasks, limitless.

Closed to do list: ten items at most, can't add until something is removed.

One project at a time. Or one work project and one home project? It sounds very liberating.

Finish first (or quit) before starting another.

Nominate areas of your life where you won't excel. Strategic failing. Cyclic failure. Focus on something that really matters, then switch to something that had to be neglected.

Keep a done list.

Cancel the morning productivity debt.

"You must focus your finite capacity to care."

Set your phone to grayscale to make it less eye candy attractive.

Keep only mono-taskers out of the kitchen. It means that devices (tools) should only do one thing, so that don't have the ability to distract you. Except in the kitchen.

Novelty slows the perceived passage of time. Find what's new in a thing or activity. There are many strategies for this.

Research with curiosity, not with an outcome orientation. It opens you up to the novel. It's an attitude of finding out e.g. who a person is. Your curiosity can be satisfied in ways you like or dislike. It doesn't matter which, because now you know.

The generous impulse can be many things. Check in on a friend, send praise, donate money, etc. Do it right away.

Sometimes not acting is the right thing to do. Can you bear it?

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