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Improving On The Open Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

I have a pet theory that invention, progress, of any kind really, is driven by randomness. I might not have invented that. Maybe I just have my own independent discovery of it. I don't know.

Let me give you an example: I just invented a new sandwich. Well, maybe again original invention is too strong, I don't know. I didn't check. Maybe it's more of an iterative improvement. I'll just claim independent discovery for now.

About my sandwich, or is it a dessert? I'm not sure. Whatever it is, it's unexpectedly and unreasonably good. Stay with me a moment because this next bit is the recipe. Toasted piece of bread. Spread peanut butter. If you are a hater, I suggest you can stop reading now. Spread raspberry jam on top. You see, it's an open faced sandwich. Here is the inventive bit. Just a bit of canned whipped cream, say one shot on each corner. It might work with other jams; my peanut butter was unsweetened. It was so good. I was shocked. My wife was shocked when I did it and said "what is wrong with you, whipped cream on everything??" I said "try it." She did. She was shocked at how good it was too.

What happened, again? I made the sandwich. I had the whipped cream that needed using, it was available. I mean, I could have just thrown it away, or eaten it on a spoon. There were other options in the fridge that I didn't consider: pickles, pepper, mustard, some uneaten oat milk ice cream. I put the ingredients together, and it was good.

Is it a true original invention? Maybe I'll check later and follow up someday. For now I'm enjoying my sandwich.


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